Our Vision

We inspire to create a network of sustainable and inclusive businesses within our community, and guide the next generation to continue to create opportunities for each other, while learning and growing together.

We believe that by sharing and exchanging skills and knowledge and by working and growing together we can build meaningful & enduring relationships—with our team, our guests, our community, and our environment.

We love what we do, who we work with, and the community we are a part of.

We work in a truly stunning and intriguing destination, and while our approach to each project is different, our respect for the history, culture, and beauty of the people and places is always our top priority.

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within each community, and if used in a creative way can counterbalance social injustice.


Our Purpose

We connect likeminded people locally and globally to create and nurture a culture of enthusiasm, support, respect, inclusiveness and kindness that allows us all to learn, grow and play together.


To connect like minded people locally and globally to exchange knowledge and skills and to grow and learn together.


To instigate change within the global travel industry and promote respect for the destination, its people and its heritage.


To promote sustainable business models that have positive social impact, are inclusive and truly serve their communities.


To create a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that fosters awareness and personal growth.

Guiding Principles

Be Better

Good just isn’t good enough for us. We don’t settle and we don’t rest on achievements. We always strive to be better, to learn more and to be better in everything we do, every single day!

The point is, there's always something more we can do. We can always make it better. We can always strive to be a better version of ourselves. The ``Always strive to be a better you`` maxim transcends boundaries between work and home, private and public, personal and professional. Ideally, it substantiates a philosophy that we can follow in every aspect of life. The end result is the continuous growth and improvement of your self, on all fronts.

Magic Moments

We believe in Magic, the kind of Magic that inspires change and creates hope. The reality is, we will always find what we are looking for. We believe in the magic of possibility and new beginnings.


We focus on the solutions, not the problems. We look at challenges as opportunities for a better outcome in the future. In a world where most things quickly become commodities, the art of finding opportunities is the art of winning.


Get involved! Just showing up is not enough. When you participate, you initiate dialogue, you connect with your team and you become an important part of the organization. You are right in the middle of the action, not only on the sideline. You take pride in what you do!

Dignity & Diversity

We treat each other, and everyone we encounter with dignity and respect. We welcome diversity and celebrate our differences, as they make us better as a team.

Love Learning

Continuous learning is increasingly important to the success of any organization because of changing economic conditions. Given the current business environment, organizations must be able to learn continuously in order to deal with these changes and, in the end, to survive.

At the individual level, continuous learning is about expanding your ability to learn by regularly upgrading your skills and increasing your knowledge. Continuous learning in the workplace involves viewing your experiences as potential learning and reexamining assumptions, values, methods, policies, and practices.

No Nonsense

We are real! We do what we say, and we say what we mean. We are sensible, practical and straight forward. We don’t tip toe around problems, and we accept responsibility for our actions. We don’t point fingers or play the ‘blame game. We face challenges head on, together.


We are full of energy and we celebrate life. We choose to look on the bright side of life, count our blessings rather than our hardships. This positive energy has a ripple affect and can become infectious, creating an energetic and positive environment for all of us.

Our Ultimate Motive

To connect likeminded people locally and globally to create and nurture a culture of enthusiasm, support, respect, inclusiveness and kindness that allows us all to learn, grow and play together.

Local Artists

Gustavo Estrada


The Purpose Hostel logo was designed by Gustavo Estrada.

Gustavo Estrada’s art immediately strikes with its duality and contrast in colors, texture and a form of expression of the eternal beginning.

Colors, both dark or bright, burst out his paintings giving a disturbing complex impression of serenity, anguish and restlessness.

The spectator is thrown into some swaying movement of emotions, penetrated by the contrasts and dualities.

These are the expressions of life, questions and answers that only the art of painting allows.

Elvira Mendez


Guatemalan graphic designer and painter, Elvira has worked in many areas as an illustrator and designer in serigraphy and publishing houses and as a cultural manager for many years in Centro Cultural El Sitio.

As a painter, Mendez has made a lot of collective and individual art exhibitions in galleries of Antigua, Guatemala and Guatemala City. Internationally, her work has exposed been showcased in Peru (where she won a scholarship in Inca Art History and Muralism) and Holguin, Cuba where she was invited to participate in the local cultural festival called “Romerias de Mayo”.