More than a Hostel:
a Community

We love our work, the people we work with and our community.
We believe in good people, good coffee and good laughs.
It takes a village, and a village is all it takes!




… like-minded people locally and globally to exchange knowledge and skills, learn and grow together.


… change within the global travel industry and promote respect for the destination, its people and its heritage.


… the best of both worlds: sustainable & profitable business models that have positive social impact and truly serve their communities.


… a safe and respectful environment that fosters awareness and personal growth.

Karlita's Story


Karlita is a young, deaf mute woman from the nearby village of Chipoton, El Tejar, Chimaltenango.

Gustavo met Karlita almost 10 years ago when landing near her village with his paraglider. Karlita was fascinated by the paraglider and Gustavo was equally fascinated by her and her eagerness to learn.

Hearing her story and meeting her family they soon became friends. Gustavo started sponsoring her schooling three years ago, and earlier this year, he started sending her for classes at the colegio de diseño to learn sewing.

With Karlita’s bags and the curtains for our bunk beds, Karlita had her first paid work, of course with the help and support of the amazing teachers at the colegio de diseño. We are excited to see her grow and will continue to support her learning and include her in team purpose moving forward.

Local Artists


Gustavo Estrada

Logo by Gustavo Estrada: In Gustavo Estrada’s art, immediately strikes with its duality and contrast in colors, texture and a form of expression of the eternal beginning. Colors, both dark or bright, burst out his paintings giving a disturbing complex impression of serenity, anguish and restlessness. The spectator is thrown into some swaying movement of emotions, penetrated by the contrasts and dualities. These are the expressions of life, questions and answers that only the art of painting allows.


Elvira Mendez

Guatemalan graphic designer and painter. She has worked in many areas as an illustrator and designer in serigraphy and publishing houses, also as a cultural manager for many years in Centro Cultural El Sitio. Her work as an illustrator has taken her to stand out in numerous publications like magazines, newspapers, Guatemalan literature, government campaigns, educational books, etc.

As a painter, Mendez has made a lot of collective and individual art exhibitions in galleries of Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City. Internationally, has exposed her work in Peru (where she won a scholarship in Inca Art History and Muralism) and Holguin, Cuba where she was invited to participate in the local cultural festival called “Romerias de Mayo”.

Nowadays, she works freelance graphic design for publishing houses and individual companies. Mendez keeps working in art exhibitions and is an active member of Antigua’s Contemporary Art Group. She also has an online store with some of her illustrated artwork available.

The Colegio Diseño de Modas is where Karlita learned sewing. Karlita’s bags and the curtains for the bunk beds were all made here with the help of Claudia and her daughter Andrea who are leading all teaching in the Colegio.


All wood furniture and features have been done by Victor and his team from Decco Design.
The lockers were built by Victor and finalized and decorated by team Purpose.