What is Work Exchange and How Does It Work?

Volunteering Abroad & Work Exchange

Are you motivated and driven to contribute toward a bigger purpose? Do you have skills you feel could help us elevate Our Purpose?

The hostel only employs locally, and we don’t offer work exchange for work in the Hostel in exchange for a free stay. We only offer work exchange and volunteering opportunities to likeminded people who will help us with projects that will benefit our community or help us fulfill our purpose.


We are happy to connect you to volunteering opportunities within our community, depending on your skill set and background. At the moment there are very limited institutions that accept short-term volunteers, however we will always do our best to help you connect to the right people.

Explore our volunteer and work exchange opportunities in Antigua, Guatemala below:

Short-Term Volunteer & Work Exchange Programs

Volunteer with a local organization for anywhere from a few hours to a few days!

Long-Term Volunteer & Work Exchange Programs

Volunteer abroad in Antigua, Guatemala with Work exchange programs ranging from 1-12 months through Buena Onda.

We are looking for volunteers with the following skillsets to help us fulfill Our Purpose and support the local community:

At the moment there are no Positions available.

We expect to have first opportunities available around fall 2022.

Apply for Work Exchange in Antigua, Guatemala

Are you interested in volunteering abroad while traveling or contributing to one of our work exchange programs in La Antigua, Guatemala? We would love to hear your ideas and how you think you can contribute. Please fill out the general inquiry form below and we will be in touch soon.